Sarum Chronicle is an annual journal focusing on the history of Salisbury and the surrounding area.

The first issue was published in 2001, to follow in the footsteps of the Hatcher Review which had ceased publication earlier that year. Since then Sarum Chronicle has built an enthusiastic following of readers and contributors.

The pages of Sarum Chronicle provide not only an opportunity for local history research in the area to reach a wider audience, but also for questions arising from work in progress to be aired, and topics and sources to be discussed. Each issue contains articles, shorter notes, and book reviews.  The content is scholarly but accessible, significant but concise. Coverage demonstrates the  huge variety of topics of interest to local historians, and the wealth of sources they use.

This website is not continually monitored. If you would like to get in touch with  us please use the contact page accessed by clicking on the right hand button on the menu bar above. We will respond to all emails as quickly as possible’.

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  1. alanjcrooks says:

    How can I purchase a pre-publication copy? The leaflet I have had the reReturn Slip torn off. I can collect it locally in Salisbury.

    Akan Crooks

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